Digital and Efficient Paperless Office

Design an innovative solution that will optimize the processes related to document creation within the municipal region, including their review, approval, searchability, and publication for citizens.

Prize money for the winner: 3000 €

Prize money pre víťazov:

1. miesto 3000 €​
2. miesto 2000 €​
3. miesto 1000 €​

Novy Hackathon Draft

Description of the Initial Situation

The BBSK Office generates a significant amount of documents each year, especially contracts, internal regulations and more. Currently, document creation is not standardized, lacking a precise procedure for employees from various departments. As of today, BBSK has around 350 internal employees at the BBSK Office and approximately 5000 employees of organizations under the BBSK jurisdiction.

For document management, Microsoft 365 tools are used, with Active Directory being a key component of the entire architecture. The electronic registry service, connected through an integration interface to the Central Public Administration Portal, employs certified Fabasoft software. This system processes all incoming and outgoing mail as well as approval processes for invoice disposal and more. Given the substantial financial investment required for this solution and its modification, the goal is to replace it with Microsoft 365 environment tools.

Expected solution

The output of the hackathon should be a detailed concept of a system that relieves its users of routine tasks, including document publication in registries, notifications to the second contracting party on the day of its publication, tracking important deadlines arising from documents, and notifying users of expiring contracts and the like.

When designing or implementing the DMS, it is necessary to choose a low-code / no-code approach, ideally using the Microsoft Power Platform to ensure easy future management and administration. Such an approach will enable further internal system development and reduce financial burden.


Aim of the Hackathon

To create an innovative solution that streamlines the processes of creating, managing, and tracking the lifecycle of documents within the office of the municipal region. Such a digital office will enable faster and easier access to documents of the municipal region, create a more user-friendly environment for internal employees, and ensure better and faster digital services for citizens.

Why we organize a Hackathon

The need to identify all stakeholders in culture arises from the Cultural and Creative Industry Strategy of the Slovak Republic until 2030, created by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. This strategy was consulted with external experts and approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic on June 12, 2023. Specifically, it involves measure 1.5.1 to identify infrastructure in culture and the creative industry, with the aim of preparing a cultural law defining entities and infrastructure of culture and creative industry for legal entities and individuals.

Additionally, according to Act No. 265/2022 Coll. on publishers of publications and on the register in the field of media and audiovisuals and on amendment of certain laws, the Ministry is obliged in the future to maintain and publish a register, which is an information system of public administration containing updated information. The register must be maintained on the ministry’s website and must be accessible to the public.

Public administration institutions need to make informed decisions based on quality data and analysis. The solution of creating a tool for any future registry will provide open possibilities for other ministries and public administration institutions, as well as for the Ministry of Culture itself.

1. Demaskovanie dezinformácií
  • Rozpoznávanie dezinformácií a iného škodlivého obsahu pomocou smart technológií

  • Označovanie škodlivého obsahu na internete automatizovanou formou

  • Overovanie informácií zo sociálnych sietí
2. Mediálna gramotnosť
  • Testovanie mediálnej gramotnosti interaktívnou formou

  • Rozpoznávanie dezinformácií interaktívnou formou (napr. hra, test, iné…)

  • Zvyšovanie povedomia a odolnosti voči dezinformáciám, budovanie dôvery v mainstreamové a verejnoprávne médiá



1st place: team “Lwíčkovci”

The winning team presented an efficient code-ready solution that leverages modern, tested technologies with the addition of artificial intelligence to ensure the best possible user experience. The solution showcases an application for document processing and organization, email reduction, and simplification of contracts and regulatory documents creation using predefined templates.

“We’re thrilled with the win, but we must acknowledge that the process was far from easy. Over 36 hours of hacking, we encountered various stages and disagreements, but we’re glad we didn’t give up and ultimately came up with a solution that was recognized by both the jury and the audience. The competition was tough, and winning first place feels even better,” said team captain Adam Tížik. “It’s interesting to observe how the project itself evolves and things are improving,” added team member Matej Kuka regarding the course of the hackathon.


2nd place: team “Qubrio”

The team “Qubrio” secured the winning spot for the second time within the project. Their solution involved introduction of a DMS system built on a specialized low-code approach. This system can streamline the document management process and, with the help of artificial intelligence, assist in predefined template searching. They also enriched the system with process and numerical analytics.

“Even though this is our second hackathon, it was a completely different experience. The process was challenging, and the competition was strong. It made us realize that we need to work on ourselves to match the quality of other teams. However, the win motivates us to bring the know-how we gained in Ukraine back to Slovakia. We appreciate the trust that Slovaks put in us,” described his impressions Roman Vavryk, the team captain.


3rd place: team “Autisti”

The team “Autisti,” composed of three high school students, prepared a software proposal at the hackathon that, through internal document analysis, can efficiently, reliably, and quickly guide users to the desired information. An added bonus is the acceleration of the contract approval process based on an innovative method of distributing them among various departments.

“This is my fifth hackathon, and it’s definitely the best one. We’ve put together a great team, with each of us representing a different sphere: tech, business, and design. In this lineup, we aim to participate in more hackathons and, thanks to the combination of skills, win them too!” said the team captain, 16-year-old Sofia Ercsényiová.

Challenge of the hackathon

Challenge - výzvy hackathonu

Výzva pre hackerov

Vytvor IT riešenie pre dynamické vytváranie registrov kultúrnych subjektov, inputov registrov rôzneho druhu a nastavenia ich vzájomného vzťahu.

*Vzhľadom na požiadavku prepojenia novovybudovaného IS na správu a riadenie investičných projektov, musí byť pri návrhu a tvorbe IS riešená otázka interoperability, ideálne formou REST API rozhrania, ktoré bude v budúcnosti možné rozširovať.

  • Identification of harmful content using smart technologies

  • Detection, labeling and fact-checking of disinformation in the online environment

  • Marking the harmful content on the Internet via an automated system

  • Validating the information shared on social media

Súčasťou očakávaného riešenia je:

  • Identification of harmful content using smart technologies

  • Detection, labeling and fact-checking of disinformation in the online environment

  • Marking the harmful content on the Internet via an automated system

  • Validating the information shared on social media


Friday – 10th November 2024

8:00 – 9:00

Registration of attendees + coffee

9:00 – 9:30

Grand opening

9:30 – 9:50
Explanation of hackathon’s challenge

9:50 – 10:00

Introduction of mentors

10:00 – 13:30




18:00 – 18:30

Workshop: How to Secure Investment for Your Business


Dinner + networking

20:00 – 00:00


Saturday – 11th November 2024

00:00 – 8:00


8:00 – 9:30


9:30 – 10:00 

Workshop – How to win a hackathon with Martin Nemecek




Submission of prototypes for the jury

17:30 – 20:00

Pitch contest + evaluation by the jury

20:00 – 20:30


20:30 – 22:00



Piatok – 10. novembra 2023

8:00 – 9:00

Registrácia účastníkov + ranná káva

9:00 – 9:20

Slávnostné otvorenie

9:20 – 9:40
Vysvetlenie zadania a výzvy

9:40 – 10:00

Predstavenie mentorov

10:00 – 13:30





Večera + networking

20:00 – 00:00


Sobota – 11. novembra 2023

00:00 – 8:00


8:00 – 9:30




13:30 – 14:30

Workshop: Ako vyhrať hackathon


Odovzdanie prototypov pre porotu

17:30 – 20:00

Pitch contest súťažiacich + hodnotenie riešení porotou,

20:00 – 21:00

Vyhodnotenie poroty

21:00 – 23:00


Frequently Asked Questions

The owner of the topics of the Hackathon is the Municipal region of Banska Bystrica.

The minimum of 2 people including a speaker e.g. a person that will present the idea, and understands the business and the challenge; and a tech expert who is able to create a prototype or a clickable version of the application / web / product.
The composition of teams can be changed before the hackathon. The composition of teams is fixed during the hackathon, which means that new members cannot be added during the hackathon, after the official registration and check-in. If the name or email email address was not provided during registration or check-in on the first day of the event, another person cannot join the team.

As soon as you submit your application, a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours (either by email or by phone) with further information and the procedure.

If you register after the capacity is full or you will not match the criteria for the participating teams, you will not be chosen as the participant.

The basic scoring scale includes:

  • Experience in the IT and TECH industry or
  • Experience in design thinking procedures or
  • Experience in the so-called sprint procedures, SCRUM master certificate or
  • Experience in drawing up business plans, new businesses, creating prototypes or MVP or
  • You are a high school student focused on computer technologies, economics, business or design (both product and digital) or
  • You are a student of a university focused on computer technologies, economics, business or design (both product and digital)< /li>
  • If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you can still prove that you have personally participated in at least two hackathons in the past (it is necessary to prove the output of these events)

⇒ If as an adept (or combined your team) meets at least two requirements from the above criteria, you have the right to participate in the hackathon. The more requirements you fulfill, you move up in the ranking.

1. Conflict of interest represents a situation where personal interest motivates or could motivate a judge/mentor/employee of the organizer/topic owner/competitors to act against the best interests of the hackathon.

2. Involvement of these individuals in activities where there is a conflict of interest, or where there could be a conflict of interest, is not allowed. Such activities include:

  • Influencing mentors and judges with the aim of gaining benefits for oneself or a close person, economic or otherwise,
  • Influencing individuals working for the organizer, ministry, or a company with supplier or partnership relationships with the organizer
  • Intentional alteration of solutions by mentors, or potential one-sided mentoring in favor of certain participants
  • Composition of a competition team by a mentor, judge, or person working for the organizer, topic owner, or ministry
  • And others

3. If a participant identifies a conflict of interest, they are obligated to promptly and demonstrably inform about the conflict of interest. If the participant does not disclose circumstances that could lead to a conflict of interest, this fact alone constitutes a violation of these principles and may result in disqualification of the competition team at the hackathon. The organizer decides on disqualification.

A person under the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the event only after completing and submitting a consent form signed by a parent/legal guardian to the organizer or with the accompaniment of a parent/legal guardian throughout the entire duration of the event.

Teams or individuals will be able to register until May 8th, 2024, or until the maximum capacity.

The attendee capacity is up to 60 people.

Evaluation criteria of the hackathon

  • Task Fulfillment / Relevance / Functionality:

Score by the jury: 1 to 20 The solution / POC / MVP / Software relates to the theme of the hackathon and the defined challenges.

The solution / POC / MVP / Software works and meets at least basic user functions.

  • Idea / Originality, Uniqueness, Creativity

Score by the jury: 1 to 15 How creative is the idea of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software? How is the Solution / POC / MVP / Software / Original?

Is it something that has not been done before, unique even compared to the competition?

  • User Experience / Added Value (or technical design for solutions without frontend)

Score by the jury: 1 to 15

Is the overall user experience intuitive?

Does the Solution / POC / MVP / Software make sense from a user UX perspective?

What will be the impact (in terms of scope) and added value of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software for the target group?

  • Feasibility / Implementability / Viability

Score by the jury: 1 to 35

Does the Solution / POC / MVP / Software really work? Is the Solution / POC / MVP / Software easy to scale? Potential for the solution to be truly implemented with available resources

How relevant is the use or application of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software in practice, to solve the given challenge

  • Presentation of the solution to the jury

Score by the jury: 1 to 15

Quality of presentation, visual aspect, content, presentation of information in an interesting form

The maximum number of points that the solving team can get is 100 points.

The competitive team may come to the hackathon with a pre-prepared solution, but it must be visibly demonstrated that progress and improvement have been made to their pre-prepared solution through the hackathon, consultations with mentors, and experts, towards meeting the requirements of the Topic Owner. Progress between the pre-prepared solution before the hackathon and the final solution submitted to the jury during the hackathon will be evaluated.

  • If a competitive team has a pre-prepared prototype or solution, they are required to submit it for review at least 3 days before the hackathon (e.g., via a code on Github link or otherwise (description, link to a website, and other options)).
  • The Organizer will record the pre-prepared prototype or solution and inform the members of the mentor team and the jury, consisting of the Topic Owner + Organizer + 2 selected experts.
  • As part of the submission form for the jury during the hackathon, the participant will describe the pre-prepared solution they had before the hackathon (e.g., via a code on Github link or otherwise) and how they improved it during the hackathon (again textually and via Github link or otherwise). All participants will have access to a unified submission form.
  • The jury, as part of the evaluation, will compare the final solution with the pre-prepared solution and evaluate the final solution based on the “Basic evaluations, point scale for the jury”.

A competitive team may be disqualified by the organizer if found cheating, copying solutions from other competitive teams, making audio-video recordings, plagiarism, or any other form of copying from other competitive teams, abusing information from other competitive teams, illegally obtaining data from other competitive teams, creating content with the intent to harm participants, or otherwise violating the ethics of the competition. Anyone witnessing unfair behavior should inform the organizer.

Suspicion of disqualification is reported by members of the competitive teams, mentors, or the team owner of the topic or Organizer. Suspicion of unfair behavior is reported personally to the Organizer. Subsequently, the team / team member who has violated the rules is asked to leave the room where hacking is taking place. For the smooth running and continuation of the hackathon, the remaining participants will be informed about the disqualification of the competitive team during the nearest refreshment break.

Withdrawal from competitive teams is possible at any time during the hackathon. However, merging of competitive teams is not possible after the initial check-in of the teams. Any team wishing to withdraw must personally notify the organizer.

During the physical hackathon, team members are required to be present in person. However, if necessary or due to personal circumstances, team members have the option to hack online.

Participation is free of charge. All costs are covered by the organizer.

Yes, participants will be allowed to continue hacking during the night.

The organizer does not provide sleeping bags, mattresses, beds, or any other accommodation directly at the hackathon venue. However, hydration and shower facilities are available throughout the duration of the hackathon. Each competing team is allocated one designated card, which grants access to and from the hacking area at any time during the hackathon.

The participant must bring their own notebook or other hardware necessary for solving tasks. The Organizer will take care of the rest, meaning that standard amenities such as available Wi-Fi connection, all-day meals (buffet style, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages) will be provided. The Organizer does not cover accommodation expenses or travel costs.

If a participant wishes to hack overnight, they have the option to do so. The Organizer does not provide sleeping bags, mattresses, beds, or any other accommodation facilities directly at the hackathon venue. Drinking water and showers are available throughout the hackathon. Each competitive team will be provided with one designated card allowing access to and from the hacking area at any time during the hackathon.

The Organizer and the Topic Owner will provide the competitive teams with as much information as possible necessary for solving the given challenges during the hackathon. All information and materials will be related to the hackathon topic.

For example:

  • Description of the social problem
  • Data survey
  • Media outputs
  • Datasets
  • Experienced mentors and experts

The official language is Slovak. However, some keynote speeches or workshops may also be in English.

The hackathon organizer guarantees full meals and snacks throughout the entire event in the form of buffets. Drinks are provided as well.

The first three places, which the jury evaluates as the best, will be awarded prize money as follows:

1st Place: €3000

2nd Place: €2000

3rd Place: €1000

Winning teams will have a chance to participate in the development and implementation of the solution in cooperation with the topic owner.

The winning teams enter into a licensing agreement for their solutions developed during the hackathon (the license applies only to what was created during the hackathon). This is a non-exclusive license that is limited to the territory of the Slovak Republic and is unlimited in time. This means, it does not limit the author at all in the dissemination of his work as part of his commercial activities. On the contrary, the owner of the topic (always a public administration institution) is authorized to distribute the license in the interest of the economy within public institutions. The author remains the owner of the work, the owner of the topic has only such a non-exclusive license. In addition, if the winning teams do not agree on the implementation of the winning solution with the Theme Owner, the winning prize money may not be returned to the Organizer.

List of Mentors and Experts

Registration Form

Prize money

1st Place 3000 €​
2nd Place 2000 €​
3rd Place 1000 €​

Registration of competing teams is open.