Building a city with a clear investment system

Digitization of the process of implementation of investment actions in the city of Trenčín and management of investment actions using a system solution.

Prize money for the winner: 3000 €

Prize money pre víťazov:

1. miesto 3000 €​
2. miesto 2000 €​
3. miesto 1000 €​


Hackathon topic description

The theme of the hackathon revolves around the digitization of the process of implementing investment actions in the city of Trenčín and the management of investment actions of various categories through a software solution.

MSÚ Trenčín utilizes munipality’s information system and products from the Microsoft 365 package. The winning solution should encompass all processes related to the investment campaign within the technologies available in this package. Alternatively, it may utilize other technologies, provided they allow integration with the Active Directory Domain Server to adequately notify users already created in the MSÚ Trenčín systems. In designing a solution, it is also necessary to ensure the possibility of integration with the city’s already used information systems, which support various processes such as registration, contract documentation, budget planning, and more.

In the current situation, processes are managed via a shared Excel spreadsheet, while supporting documents for investments are scattered across multiple locations, making it challenging to locate them and identify the latest versions. Due to the high number of individual investment actions and the frequent increase in their number throughout the calendar year, not all processes necessary for the implementation of the investment action are completed, despite the availability of financing.

The expected concept proposed during the hackathon should provide:

The output of the hackathon, which is evaluated by the jury, is a detailed idea proposal / solution concept presented with a description or a simple prototype, such as one created in Figma or through another suitable method. The jury evaluates the fulfillment of the task, the idea and its originality, as well as the user experience, added value and feasibility of the proposed solution and its presentation to the jury. See Hackathon Rules for more details.


1. Demaskovanie dezinformácií
  • Rozpoznávanie dezinformácií a iného škodlivého obsahu pomocou smart technológií

  • Označovanie škodlivého obsahu na internete automatizovanou formou

  • Overovanie informácií zo sociálnych sietí
2. Mediálna gramotnosť
  • Testovanie mediálnej gramotnosti interaktívnou formou

  • Rozpoznávanie dezinformácií interaktívnou formou (napr. hra, test, iné…)

  • Zvyšovanie povedomia a odolnosti voči dezinformáciám, budovanie dôvery v mainstreamové a verejnoprávne médiá


1st place: Team Opium

Their idea consists of a Microsoft 365 solution for the comprehensive process of investment actions processed as the central HUB of the city.

“We conducted a process analysis, incorporated the city’s processes for managing investments and communication among city employees, spanning from the need for an investment action to communication with authorities, engineering processes, all the way to approval. We created a ‘single source of truth’: the City HUB, replacing the city’s intranet, allowing the management of investment actions, including record-keeping, notifications, documents, communication, document generation, budgeting, and personalization for each city employee. The system includes a connector for updating information on investment actions on the city’s website. The team thoroughly enjoyed the hackathon! More events like these, please!”

Matúš Izakovič

2nd place: Team Gogoľ x ZARF

They created a system consisting of an administrative interface and a public website with a straightforward overview of projects and investments designed to present active projects to citizens. The system addresses issues of project management, monitors deadline adherence, and archives all changes. Thanks to the automatic generation of API documentation and API outputs from each module, it allows easy integration into other internal systems.

“For this hackathon, our companies Gogoľ Development and ZARF teamed up to bring a robust IT solution in the field of investment management to the city of Trenčín. We are delighted that our functional prototype,, impressed the jury, and we consider ending in the TOP 3 again as fulfilling our mission – improving Slovak IT and Slovakia as a whole.”

Adam Pastirčák


3rd place: Team 09

Based on the assignment, they decided to develop a solution built on M365 cloud technologies, ensuring its usability, sustainability, and, above all, feasibility. The essence of their solution lies in its adaptability to user needs.

“The Hackathon in Trenčín was miraculous; for two days, we moved into an ideal world where everything worked, food and drinks appeared on the table, everyone was smiling, mentors were available – it was awesome! We learned a lot, and the fact that we managed to win a bit of the prize money pleased and greatly encouraged us! Thanks to everyone who brought this miracle to Trenčín.”

Vlado Sedlák

Processes related to the implementation of the investment action:


  • Identification of the need for investment action
  • Proposal for an investment action
  • Design assignment
  • Budgeting
  • Engineering (permitting processes, zoning and construction procedures)
  • Procurement
  • Implementation & control of implementation


  • Informing the public about the use of public resources and particular investment actions
  • Presentation of upcoming investments
  • Notice of temporary restrictions within the city due to realization of investment projects

Challenge of the hackathon

Challenge for hackers

Design an information system* for the management of investment projects that will enable connectivity with the existing information systems of Trenčín city office.

*Due to the necessity of integrating the newly built IS with the administration and management of investment projects, the system’s interoperability must be addressed during the design and creation of the IS. Ideally, this can be achieved through a REST API interface that will be expandable in the future.

  • Identification of harmful content using smart technologies

  • Detection, labeling and fact-checking of disinformation in the online environment

  • Marking the harmful content on the Internet via an automated system

  • Validating the information shared on social media

Expected solution should consist of:

  • Identification of harmful content using smart technologies

  • Detection, labeling and fact-checking of disinformation in the online environment

  • Marking the harmful content on the Internet via an automated system

  • Validating the information shared on social media

Goals of the hackathon

Create a digital system that will encompass all the processes of implementing investment actions in the city of Trenčín, improve internal processes, define responsibilities for ongoing tasks, and include a module for the public with detailed real-time data.


Piatok – 20. októbra 2023

8:00 – 9:00

Registrácia účastníkov + ranná káva

9:00 – 9:20

Slávnostné otvorenie

Krátky príhovor minister MIRRI

zástupcu Mesta Prešov

a  zástupcu za Campus Cowork

9:20 – 9:40
Vysvetlenie zadania a výzvy:

Zástupca mesta Prešov

9:40 – 10:00

Predstavenie mentorov

10:00 – 13:30





Večera + networking

20:00 – 00:00


Sobota – 21. októbra 2023

00:00 – 8:00


8:00 – 9:30




13:30 – 14:30

Workshop: Ako vyhrať hackathon


Odovzdanie prototypov pre porotu

17:00 – 19:30

Pitch contest súťažiacich + hodnotenie riešení porotou, moderuje …

19:30 – 20:30

Vyhodnotenie poroty

20:30 – 23:00


Friday – November 10, 2023

8:00 – 9:00

Participant registration + morning coffee

9:00 – 9:20

Opening ceremony

9:20 – 9:40
Explanation of the assignment and challenge

9:40 – 10:00

Introduction of mentors

10:00 – 13:30


1:30 p.m



Dinner + networking

20:00 – 00:00


Saturday – November 11, 2023

00:00 – 8:00


8:00 – 9:30


1:00 p.m

13:30 – 14:30

Workshop: How to win a hackathon

3:30 p.m

Submission of prototypes for the jury

17:30 – 20:00

Pitch contest of competitors + evaluation of solutions by the jury

20:00 – 21:00

Evaluation of the jury

21:00 – 23:00


FAQ 's

The owner of the topics of the first Hackathon is the City of Trenčín.

The minimum of 2 people including a speaker e.g. a person that will present the idea, and understands the business and the challenge; and a tech expert who is able to create a prototype or a clickable version of the application / web / product.

As soon as you submit your application, a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours (either by email or by phone) with further information and the procedure.

If you register after the capacity is full or you will not match the criteria for the participating teams, you will not be chosen as the participant.

The basic scoring scale includes:

  • Experience in the IT and TECH industry or
  • Experience in design thinking procedures or
  • Experience in the so-called sprint procedures, SCRUM master certificate or
  • Experience in drawing up business plans, new businesses, creating prototypes or MVP or
  • You are a high school student focused on computer technologies, economics, business or design (both product and digital) or
  • You are a student of a university focused on computer technologies, economics, business or design (both product and digital)< /li>
  • If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you can still prove that you have personally participated in at least two hackathons in the past (it is necessary to prove the output of these events)

⇒ If as an adept (or combined your team) meets at least two requirements from the above criteria, you have the right to participate in the hackathon. The more requirements you fulfill, you move up in the ranking.

Teams or individuals will be able to register until November 8th, 2023, or until the maximum capacity.

The attendee capacity is up to 60 people.

Basic elements of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software:

1. Functionality (description):

Solution / POC / MVP / Software works and meets at least basic user functions

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

2. Completion of the assignment / Relevance (description):

Solution / POC / MVP / Software related to the theme of the hackathon and defined challenges

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

Idea and use cases of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software:

1. Creativity (description):

How creative is the idea of ​​the Solution / POC / MVP / Software?

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

2. Viability (description):

How relevant is the use or use of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software in practice, to solve the given challenge

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

User experience:

1. Intuitiveness / UX Solutions (description):

Is the overall user experience intuitive? Does the Solution / POC / MVP / Software make sense from a user UX point of view?

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

2. Added Value of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software (description):

How quickly will the added value of the Solution / POC / MVP / Software become apparent at first use? Is complex documentation required to understand the Solution / POC / MVP / Software?

Score from the jury: 1 to 10


1. Feasibility (description):

Does the Solution / POC / MVP / Software really work? Is the Solution / POC / MVP / Software easy to scale? The potential of the solution to be actually implemented with the resources that are actually available

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

2. Uniqueness (description):

How is the Solution / POC / MVP / Software Original? Is it something that has not been done before, unique even compared to the competition?

Score from the jury: 1 to 10


Quality of presentation, visual page, content, presentation of information in an interesting form

Score from the jury: 1 to 10

Total score will determine the winner

The organizer and owner of the hackathon theme has the motivation to bring, based on the innovative hackathon event, new solutions for our company, improvement of existing available solutions or otherwise innovate the current state. The competition team can come to the hackathon with a ready-made solution, but it must be visibly demonstrated that, thanks to the hackathon, consultations with mentors and experts, the transformation of its ready-made solution into the final form for the requirements of the Topic Owner took place.
Participation is free of charge. All costs are covered by the organizer.
Yes, participants will be allowed to continue hacking during the night.
Each participant needs to bring his / her own laptop or any other hardware that he / she needs to work on challenges. Other things will be provided by the organizer such as WiFi, food for the whole day (buffets, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks).
The hackathon organizer guarantees full meals and snacks throughout the entire event in the form of buffets. Drinks are provided as well.
Winning teams will have a chance to participate in the development and implementation of the solution in cooperation with the topic owner.

The winning team, which will implement its solution, concludes a License Agreement with the Theme Owner. This is a non-exclusive license that is limited to the territory of the Slovak Republic and is unlimited in time. This means, it does not limit the author at all in the dissemination of his work as part of his commercial activities. On the contrary, the owner of the topic (always a public administration institution) is authorized to distribute the license in the interest of the economy within public institutions. The author remains the owner of the work, the owner of the topic has only such a non-exclusive license. In addition, if the winning teams do not agree on the implementation of the winning solution with the Theme Owner, the winning prize money may not be returned to the Organizer.


Registration Form

1. place 3000 €​
2. place 2000 €​
3. place 1000 €​

Registration of competing teams is closed.